Rena Bloom, ND

Dr. Bloom has been practicing at the Denver Naturopathic Clinic since February 1992. She completed her pre-med requisites at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and enrolled in the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon in 1987. Dr. Bloom received her Doctor of Naturopathy in 1991. She then moved to Colorado and opened the Denver Naturopathic Clinic with her husband, Dr. Jacob Schor.

In over two decades of her practice access to natural healthcare advice and natural supplements has grown online and at retail markets all over the world. As a result, people have been able to self treat with natural therapies in a significant manner. Sometimes this is helpful to them and sometimes they are not getting the results they are hoping for. Some, may incorrectly diagnose themselves thus choosing the wrong treatment plan. After taking a thorough health history and reviewing current labwork, Dr. Bloom reviews their dietary and supplement choices. She then clarifies for the patient what may be actually beneficial. Many patients find this service to be helpful as the overgrowing amount of information online can be daunting.

Dr. Bloom believes that the simple things in life make a difference. Her work with patients relies on the basic philosophies of Naturopathy. One must listen carefully, as the patient will tell you what they need. Search for possible causes, remove all possible interference, support and nourish the body, feed the spirit. Teach the patients to eat well, sleep well, and live well.

Dr. Bloom does not currently see men or pediatric patients.